2022. 04 Installation of rice cake automatic machine facilities

2022. 04 Dairy industry (ice cream line) preparation

2021. 12 Export to LA, U.S. (direct and indirect export of KRW 36 million)

2021. 11 "Dengyujacheong, a Japanese citron." Export to China / Reservation for 2nd Export in 2022 (Direct and indirect KRW 15 million)

2021.10 Home & Shopping, Lotte Home Shopping Launch

2021.10 JQ Certification – "OMEOME" Nude Tangerine

2021.09 U.S. FDA Registration of Production Facilities

2021.07 Relocation of new plant

2021.05 Armed Forces Welfare Corps Wamall Entrance

2021.05 SK Pinx Delivery Contract

2021.01 China "PIN DOU DOU" Global Online Entrance

2021.01 China Audibility QINGDAORUNHENGFENG INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO LTD 8 Products Customs Clearance

2020.10 Thailand THE MALL GROUP and Southeast Asia SEAA Ice Cream, Unilever Export Consultation


2020.07 Coffee franchise A'BOUT entered

2020.05 Established E-mom Co., Ltd

2020.04 JQ Certification – "OMEOME Mandarin orange Omegi Rice Cake" / Lotte Department Store Entered

2020.01 China Sanitary Permit Customs Clearance and Export Completed (Chinese Enthai), Shinsegae Department Store/SSG Shipping Entrance, and Ilsan Distribution Warehouse Open

2019.12 National Fruit Exhibition (BEXCO), Holiday Gift Exhibition (COEX) Completion Successfully

2019.11 Qingdao, China Fair Completion Successfully

2019.10 China Lysi City Fair Completion

2019.09 Jeju Small and Medium Business Fair Participation-Baojian Street, Shanghai, Hong Kong, China- Participation in the exhibition of excellent products, Export of Hong Kong AEON Department Store

2019.08 Participation in Hong Kong International Food Fair

2019.05 Participation in 2019 Seoul Food Industry Competition (Ilsan KINTEX)

2019.04 Participated in the Drink & Dessert Show (Samsung COEX)

2019.02 Jeju "OMEOME DODU" Store Open

2018.12 Participated in the KINTEX Fruit Festival 

2018.09 JPT (Jeju Techno Park) Support Project Selection

2018.06 Participated in Hyundai Department Store Snack Exhibition (No. 1 in sales)

2018.03 JDC (Jeju International Free City Development Center) Snack Delivery

2017.11 Jeju Omegi Story HACCP Certification

2017.04 Establishment of Jeju Omegi Story Co., Ltd