Three promises by e.mom.

Fresh ingredients, right manufacturing process, responsibility.


 we make clean and fresh agricultural products from Jeju as the main ingredient.

The selected ingredients are thoroughly and transparently managed according to HACCP standards, and the emphasis is on delivering the natural taste to customers.


cleanliness is the first secret to keeping the ingredients of clean Jeju intact.

The delicate taste and sincerity, which produces the world's thinnest rice cake skin in a clean and hygienic environment, is the strength of E-mom Co., Ltd.

Food made by a thorough processing process is the "right process."


we are responsible for delivering the food we made.

The basis of HACCP is the process of removing harmful elements from ingredients to delivering food made in the right process to customers.

Therefore, we operate the Gyeonggi-do Ilsan Distribution Center to deliver safe food to customers, and we are also responsible for accidents that occur during the shipping.

E-mom promises that we will make it with healthy 

and good ingredients, the right process,

 and deliver it responsibly.