Perfect Recipt

Our Iced Omegi Rice Cake is a hand made with steamed sweet rice that can be easily found in East Asia and 100% pure milk whipped cream.

Iced Omegi Rice Cake with our own recipe is in harmony with the original taste of ingredient like a whipped cream and also natural ingredients such as fresh, green tea, strawberry, peach, kiwi, sweet potato, hanra-bong(jeju-orange) and red beans.


Our Iced Omegi Rice Cake is born with the motif of traditional omega rice cake. 

With our special manufacturing method and handmade process, you can feel our amazing balance of flavor coming from the harmony of rice cake, natural ingredients, whipped cream and sweet flavor from red beans.


Premium Iced Omegi Rice Cake,“OMEOME” is continuously developing the product that anybody can enjoy, away from traditional rice cakes, with a new and fresh approach.

Perfect Time

To make a perfect product, we spend a lot of time for testing and constantly prepare a variety types of flavors for our customer.